Law firm

DWL is a dynamic law firm of four experienced criminal lawyers, backed by a team of enthusiastic staff. 

Our offices are located in the heart of Brussels, near the European institutions (Contact DWL)

Law Firm DWL guarantees a professional and qualitative service. At DWL, a targeted and discreet approach to legal issues and the satisfaction of our clients take centre stage.

Our firm is well-known for its highly efficient interventions in the criminal courts and for its expertise when it comes to proactively negotiating with the prosecution services so as to help our clients avoid criminal or disciplinary proceedings or to get matters settled out of court. The firm prides itself on its independence but also tries to maintain respectful contact with the judiciary and the administration.

The assistance we provide extends far beyond the purely juridical realm, for also during police interrogations, searches, reconstructions, court-ordered appraisals, etc., our clients can count on the active support of a specialist lawyer. And, in turn, our firm can bank on a multidisciplinary collaboration with external experts such as investigators, forensic accountants, medical experts, etc. to critically scrutinise police evidence or to actively search for the evidence itself. Clients can also ask us to, on the basis of an in-depth audit, identify any potentially criminal liabilities and - where necessary - come up with a solution to neutralise possible problems.

As DWL enjoys the support of a global network of criminal law specialists, it also has all the expertise to hand to deal with any cross-border issues and international files. Me Warson, Me Dillen, Me Bollingh and Me De Smedt moreover insist on being always contactable by and available to their clientele.

They thank you for the trust you continue to place in their firm.